TACTIC Widgets

What is a Widget

A TACTIC Widget is a mini web program which serves a specific purpose and can be reused. This is what the TACTIC interface is composed of. Each interface view is presented to a user or a group of users in a combination of widgets which can accomplish many things:

  • Displaying data

  • Modifying data

  • Displaying images

  • Executing processes

  • Loading files

  • Saving files

  • …​and much more

Each of the widgets is a "snippet" of web code (HTML) which TACTIC builds dynamically on the server and delivers to the user as a web page; but the TACTIC interface is much more than a web page. TACTIC takes full advantage of the newest web technology to deliver a flexible and robust web application.

This widget architecture allows TACTIC to provide a toolbox of useful widgets which can be combined to build an interface which can adapt TACTIC to an work flow. Furthermore, due to the openness of TACTIC, it is easy for developers to create new widgets and share them.

Widget Documentation

Within this documentation, the same philosophy will be followed. There is a section which explains the usage of each widget but the main core of the documentation explains how to use them in combination or with existing interfaces to work with TACTIC.

A few examples of the common TACTIC widgets are:

  • ThumbWdg - A thumbnail viewing widget used in a table, usually with a title preview.

  • TableLayoutWdg - Majority of the TACTIC interface is delivered through a Table widget. It enables the assembly of different type to save as a new view.

  • GanttWdg - A calendar widget which allows viewing and manipulation of dates.