TACTIC Event System Introduction

The TACTIC Event System is built into the base transactional system in Tactic’s core. Every transaction which occurs in Tactic can fire an event which in turn, can be used to execute a trigger or notification.

These events can be incorporated to automate specific processes that are often repetitive. At the simplest level, there are interfaces that help prepare and configure these aspects but, it is good to understand how they work. Overall, there are 2 levels that these events can be configured. The first is using the predefined event options provided in the Project Workflow or Project Schema interfaces and the second in the low level database events.

Predefined Events

The following list of events are the events provided in the Project Workflow interface. For more information in setting up Notifications and Triggers with this interface, please refer to Project Automation - Triggers and Project Automation - Notifications

A task Status is Changed

When the status of a task is changed. Further options are provided allowing for selection.

A new note is added

When a new note (sthpw/note) is added to the project.

A task is assigned

When a task is assigned to a user.

Files are checked in

When files are checked in to an SObject.

Files are checked out

When files are checked out from an SObject.

Custom event

Allows for calling of an event using the raw Database Events.

Raw Database Events

Below is the list of the database level events. These events are run regardless of how they are called (interface, api, external integration etc)

done Executed each time a transaction completes


Executed each time a Search Object has been inserted.


Executed each time a Search Object has been updated.


Executed each time a Search Object has changed. This combines the events insert, update and delete.


Executed each time a Search Object has been retired.


Executed each time a Search Object has been deleted.


Executed each time a checkin occurs for a Search Object


Executed each time a checkout occurs for a Search Object


Executed on a timed interval. This is only supported for triggers.

For example, in a transaction where the status of a task is being changed, an association to this event can be made with the following notation:


The notation can consist of 3 sections although only the event is required.



The raw database event.


The Searchable Type (SType) the event is occurring for.


The Column that was changed in the SType.