Pipeline Process Options

Each node has a number of properties that can be set. These properties may be used by TACTIC to derive useful information. These properties are:

Task Status Pipeline

Selects from a list of 'Task Status Pipelines' to connect the selected process to. This accommodates a separate set of statuses for the specific process. These pipelines are defined the same way other pipelines are. The only difference is that these pipelines are assigned to the sthpw/task sType. This property represents the "code" property of the task pipeline.

Assign Login Group

Specifies the process to a particular group of artists.

Supervisor Login Group

Specifies the process to a particular group of supervisors.

Default Duration

Set the a duration schedule (in days) of the process.


The color to represent the process in the GUI. For example the Task Status Widget can be setup to display the color of the process.


Add a label for the process.

To open the Edit Properties pop-up, select a node and then click on the Properties button on the tools shelf:

Further process options can be found by right clicking on the node in the:

Pipeline Editor → Show Processes


The Processes tab will appear in the panel at the bottom:


Pipeline Code eg. project/asset


eg. design, rough, finale, delivery, etc.

Search Type

eg. project/asset

Checkin Mode




Multiple Files

Checkin Validate Script Path

Path to a script which is run upon checkin for validation.

Checkin Options View

Advanced custom layout to be used for checkin view.