Remove Projects

There is no user interface in TACTIC to remove a project. This is because the complete removal of a project has some pretty significant consequences. When a project is created, a number of elements are created. These are listed below.


This task may need to be carried out by the Tactic System Admin as it involves manually accessing both the Tactic File system and the Tactic Database

In all of the following examples, <project_code> represents the code of the project when the project was created.

  • A database called <project_code>

  • An assets directory in <tactic_asset_dir>

  • Entry in the project table

A complete removal of a project should be handled with care. This is most often desirably when a project has been created in properly. It is one of the few operations that is not undo-able in TACTIC, so it is recommended to be careful when proceeding with the following steps. It is also recommended that a complete backup of TACTIC is performed before carrying out this process.

Remove the project directory

cd <project_install_dir>/sites
rm -rf <project_code>

Remove the database

psql -U postgres sthpw
drop database "<project_code>";

Remove the assets directory

cd <project_asset_dir>
rm -rf <project_code>

Remove the entry in the projects table in the database

psql -U postgres sthpw
delete from project where code='<project_code>';

Remove connected entities in the sthpw database;

In this process, Tactic may not allow removing a particular project due to there being child tasks, notes, snapshots, files, wdg_settings etc. If Tactic denies revoval because, for example there is a connection in the file table, you will need to do the following

delete from file where project_code='<project_code>';
delete from snapshot where project_code='<project_code>';
delete from task where project_code='<project_code>';
delete from note where project_code='<project_code>';
delete from wdg_settings where project_code='<project_code>';
delete from pref_setting where project_code='<project_code>';