Advanced Schema Configuration

Advanced Schema Configuration

When creating a search type, the "Search Type" property defines the project schema (project_namespace) and name for the search type. For example, if your current project is called media then adding a new search type named "artwork" into the interface will automatically generate "media/artwork" and it will be added to the media project’s schema

Schema XML Structure

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <search_type name='media/training_videos'/>
  <search_type name='media/script'/>
  <connect to='media/script' type='hierarchy' from='media/training_videos'/>
  <search_type name='media/fonts'/>


To add a new search for a different schema, all that is required is an explicit definition of the full Search Type "<project_namespace>/<name>".

For example to add an "artwork" search type in the "media" namespace, you would define the search type as "media/artwork". The specific schema information will be added to your current project only.