query(search_type, filters=[], columns=[], order_bys=[], show_retired=False, limit=None, offset=None, single=False, distinct=None, return_sobjects=False)

General query for sobject information


search_type - the key identifying a type of sobject as registered in

the search_type table.


filters - an array of filters to alter the search

columns - an array of columns whose values should be


order_bys - an array of order_by to alter the search

show_retired - sets whether retired sobjects are also


limit - sets the maximum number of results returned

single - returns only a single object

distinct - specify a distinct column

return_sobjects - return sobjects instead of dictionary. This

works only when using the API on the server.

parent_key - filter to specify a parent sobject


list of dictionary/sobjects - Each array item represents an sobject

and is a dictionary of name/value pairs


            filters = []

            filters.append( ("code", "XG002") )

            order_bys = ['timestamp desc']

            columns = ['code']

            server.query(ticket, "prod/shot", filters, columns, order_bys)

The arguments "filters", "columns", and "order_bys" are optional

The "filters" argument is a list. Each list item represents an

individual filter. The forms are as follows:

        (column, value)             -> where column = value

        (column, (value1,value2))   -> where column in (value1, value2)

        (column, op, value)         -> where column op value

            where op is ('like', '<=', '>=', '>', '<', 'is', '~', '!~','~*','!~*)

        (value)                     -> where value