get_all_paths_from_snapshot(snapshot_code, mode='client_repo', expand_paths=False, filename_mode='')

Get all paths from snapshot


snapshot_code - the unique code of the snapshot


mode - forces the type of folder path returned to use the value from the

appropriate tactic_<SERVER_OS>-conf.xml configuration file.

Values include 'lib', 'web', 'local_repo', 'sandbox', 'client_repo', 'relative'

lib = the NFS asset directory from the server point of view

web = the http asset directory from the client point of view

local_repo = the local sync of the TACTIC repository

sandbox = the local sandbox (work area) designated by TACTIC

client_repo (default) = the asset directory from the client point of view

If there is no value for win32_client_repo_dir or linux_client_repo_dir

in the config, then the value for asset_base_dir will be used instead.

relative = the relative direcory without any base

expand_paths - expand the paths of a sequence check-in or for a directory check-in, it will list the contents of the directory as well

filename_mode - source or '', where source reveals the source_path of the check-in

file_types - list: only return files in snapshot with these types


list - paths