simple_checkin( search_key, context, file_path, snapshot_type="file", description="No description", use_handoff_dir=False, file_type="main", is_current=True, level_key=None, breadcrumb=False, metadata={}, mode=None, is_revision=False, info={}, keep_file_name=False, create_icon=True, checkin_cls='pyasm.checkin.FileCheckin', context_index_padding=None, checkin_type="strict", source_path=None, version=None )

Simple method that checks in a file.


search_key - a unique identifier key representing an sobject

context - the context of the checkin

file_path - path of the file that was previously uploaded


snapshot_type - [optional] descibes what kind of a snapshot this is.

More information about a snapshot type can be found in the

prod/snapshot_type sobject

description - [optional] optional description for this checkin

file_type - [optional] optional description for this file_type

is_current - flag to determine if this checkin is to be set as current

level_key - the unique identifier of the level that this

is to be checked into

breadcrumb - flag to leave a .snapshot breadcrumb file containing

information about what happened to a checked in file

metadata - a dictionary of values that will be stored as metadata

on the snapshot

mode - inplace, upload, copy, move

is_revision - flag to set this as a revision instead of a version

create_icon - flag to create an icon on checkin

info - dict of info to pass to the ApiClientCmd

keep_file_name - keep the original file name

checkin_cls - checkin class

context_index_padding - determines the padding used for context

indexing: ie: design/0001

checkin_type - auto or strict which controls whether to auto create versionless

source_path - explicitly give the source path

version - force a version for this check-in


dictionary - representation of the snapshot created for this checkin