insert_multiple(data, metadata=[], parent_key=None, use_id=False, triggers=True)

Insert for several sobjects in one function call. The data structure contains all the infon needed to update and is formated as follows:

data = [ { column1: value1, column2: value2, column3: value3 }, { column1: value1, column2: value2, column3: value3 } }

metadata = [ { color: blue, height: 180 }, { color: orange, height: 170 } ]


search_type - the search_type attribute of the sType

data - a dictionary of name/value pairs which will be used to update

the sobject defined by the search_key

Note: this can also be an array. Each data dictionary element in

the array will be applied to the corresponding search key


parent_key - set the parent key for this sobject

use_id - boolean to control if id is used in the search_key in returning sobject dict

triggers - boolean to fire trigger on insert


a list of all the inserted sobjects