eval(expression, search_keys=[], mode=None, single=False, vars={}, show_retired=False)

Evaluate the expression. This expression uses the TACTIC expression language to retrieve results. For more information, refer to the expression language documentation.


expression - string expression


search_keys - the starting point for the expression.

mode - string|expression - determines the starting mode of the expression

single - True|False - True value forces a single return value

vars - user defined variable

show_retired - defaults to False to not return retired items


results of the expression. The results depend on the exact nature

of the expression.


#1. Search for snapshots with context beginning with 'model' for the asset with the search key 'prod/asset?project=sample3d&id=96'

        server = TacticServerStub.get()

        exp = "@SOBJECT(sthpw/snapshot['context','EQ','^model'])"

        result = server.eval(exp, search_keys=['prod/asset?project=sample3d&id=96'])

Please refer to the expression language documentation for numerous

examples on how to use the expression language.