get_snapshot(search_key, context="publish", version='-1', level_key=None, include_paths=False, include_full_xml=False, include_paths_dict=False, include_files=False, include_web_paths_dict=False, versionless=False)

Method to retrieve an sobject’s snapshot Retrieve the latest snapshot


search_key - unique identifier of sobject whose snapshot we are

looking for


process - the process of the snapshot

context - the context of the snapshot

version - snapshot version

revision - snapshot revision

level_key - the unique identifier of the level in the form of a search key

include_paths - flag to include a list of paths to the files in this


include_full_xml - whether to include full xml in the return

include_paths_dict - flag to specify whether to include a

paths_dict property containing a dict of all paths in the

dependent snapshots

include_web_paths_dict - flag to specify whether to include a

web_paths_dict property containing a dict of all web paths in

the returned snapshots

include_files - includes all of the file objects referenced in the


versionless - boolean to return the versionless snapshot, which takes a version of -1 (latest) or 0 (current)


dictionary - the resulting snapshot


            search_key = 'prod/asset?project=sample3d&code=chr001'

            snapshot = server.get_snapshot(search_key, context='icon', include_files=True)

            # get the versionless snapshot

            search_key = 'prod/asset?project=sample3d&code=chr001'

            snapshot = server.get_snapshot(search_key, context='anim', include_paths_dict=True, versionless=True)