group_checkin(search_key, context, file_path, file_range, snapshot_type="sequence", description="", file_type='main', metadata={}, mode=None, is_revision=False, info={} )

Check in a range of files. A range of file is defined as any group of files that have some sequence of numbers grouping them together. An example of this includes a range frames that are rendered.

Although it is possible to add each frame in a range using add_file, adding them as as sequence is lightweight, often significantly reducing the number of database entries required. Also, it is understood that test files form a range of related files, so that other optimizations and manipulations can be operated on these files accordingly.


search_key - a unique identifier key representing an sobject

file_path - expression for file range: ./blah.##.jpg

file_type - the typ of file this is checked in as. Default = 'main'

file_range - string describing range of frames in the form '1-5/1'


snapshot_type - type of snapshot this checkin will have

description - description related to this checkin

file_type - the type of file that will be associated with this group

metadata - add metadata to snapshot

mode - determines whether the files passed in should be copied, moved

or uploaded. By default, this is a manual process (for backwards


is_revision - flag to set this as a revision instead of a version

info - dict of info to pass to the ApiClientCmd


dictionary - snapshot