check_access(access_group, key, access, value, is_match, default="edit")

check the access for a specified access_group name like search_type, sobject, project, or builtin. It can also be custom-defined.


access_group - it can be custom-defined or predefined like search_type, sobject, project, or builtin

key - usually in a dictionary or list of dictionary that maps to the parameters in the xml access rule

access - allow, delete, retire, insert, edit, view, deny


value - an extra modifier to the key. Rarely used.

is_match - boolean to specify whether you want to match exactly the access string as defined in access_rules.

The default is to return True if the specified access is equal or lower than the one defined.

default - default access like allow or view can be specified. The default access is "edit"


boolean - True or False


check if one is allowed to view the project called workflow1

server.check_access('project', [{'code','workflow1'},{'code','*}], 'allow')

check if one has retire_delete access

access_key1 = {

'key': 'retire_delete',

'project': project_code


access_key2 = {

'key': 'retire_delete'


access_keys = [access_key1, access_key2]

server.check_access('builtin', access_keys, 'allow')