get_preallocated_path(snapshot_code, file_type='main', file_name='', mkdir=True, protocol='client_repo', ext='', checkin_type='strict')

Get the preallocated path for this snapshot. It assumes that this checkin actually exists in the repository and will create virtual entities to simulate a checkin. This method can be used to determine where a checkin will go. However, the snapshot must exist using create_snapshot() or some other method. For a pure virtual naming simulator, use get_virtual_snapshot_path().


snapshot_code - the code of a preallocated snapshot. This can be

create by get_snapshot()


file_type - the type of file that will be checked in. Some naming

conventions make use of this information to separate directories

for different file types

file_name - the desired file name of the preallocation. This information

may be ignored by the naming convention or it may use this as a

base for the final file name

mkdir - an option which determines whether the directory of the

preallocation should be created

protocol - It’s either client_repo, sandbox, or None. It determines whether the

path is from a client or server perspective

ext - force the extension of the file name returned

checkin_type - strict, auto , or '' can be used.. A naming entry in the naming, if found, will be used to determine the checkin type


string - the path where add_file() expects the file to be checked into


it saves time if you get the path and copy it to the final destination first.

        snapshot = my.server.create_snapshot(search_key, context)

        snapshot_code = snapshot.get('code')

        file_name = 'input_file_name.txt'

        orig_path = 'C:/input_file_name.txt'

        path = my.server.get_preallocated_path(snapshot_code, file_type, file_name)

        # the path where it is supposed to go is generated

        new_dir = os.path.dirname(path)

        if not os.path.exists(new_dir):


        shutil.copy(orig_path, path)

        my.server.add_file(snapshot_code, path, file_type, mode='preallocate')