TACTIC Developer Docs

These documents describe how developers can interact with TACTIC from external sources. TACTIC has a very deep and well developer API allow you to customize almost any part of the system. All components of TACTIC can be accessed through the API. Examples of things you can do includes:

  1. Searching, inserting, updating any data within TACTIC
  2. Checking in files
  3. Communiting with the workflow engine
  4. Executing commands
  5. Retrieving widgets

Start by reading the development concepts to get an understanding of the terminology and how TACTIC is set up internally.

There are many ways to interact with TACTIC:

  1. Python Client Library (TacticServerStub)
  2. Javascript Library
  3. REST Interface

The complete reference of functions can be found in the API Reference.


A great additional resources for problems that others have encountered, search through the TACTIC Forum. If you cannot find what you need, feel free to register and post any questions or issues you may have.