get_virtual_snapshot_path(search_key, context, snapshot_type="file", level_key=None, file_type='main', file_name='', mkdirs=False, protocol='client_repo', ext='', checkin_type='strict')

Create a virtual snapshot and returns a path that this snapshot would generate through the naming conventions. This is most useful testing naming conventions.


snapshot creation:

*search_key* - a unique identifier key representing an sobject

*context* - the context of the checkin


*snapshot_type* - [optional] descibes what kind of a snapshot this is.

More information about a snapshot type can be found in the

prod/snapshot_type sobject

*description* - [optional] optional description for this checkin

*level_key* - the unique identifier of the level that this

is to be checked into


path creation:


*file_type* - the type of file that will be checked in.  Some naming

conventions make use of this information to separate directories

for different file types

*file_name* - the desired file name of the preallocation.  This information

may be ignored by the naming convention or it may use this as a

base for the final file name

*mkdir* - an option which determines whether the directory of the

preallocation should be created

*protocol* - It's either client_repo, sandbox, or None. It determines whether the

path is from a client or server perspective

*ext* - force the extension of the file name returned

*checkin_type* - strict, auto, '' can be used to preset the checkin_type


*string* - path as determined by the naming conventions