add_dependency(snapshot_code, file_path, type='ref')

Append a dependency referent to an existing check-in. All files are uniquely containe by a particular snapshot. Presently, this method does a reverse lookup by file name. This assumes that the filename is unique within the system, so it is not recommended unless it is known that naming conventions will produce unique file names for every this particular file. If this is not the case, it is recommended that add_dependency_by_code() is used.


snapshot_code - the unique code identifier of a snapshot

file_path - the path of the dependent file. This function is able

reverse map the file_path to the appropriate snapshot


type - type of dependency. Values include 'ref' and 'input_ref'

ref = hierarchical reference: ie A contains B

input_ref = input reference: ie: A was used to create B

tag - a tagged keyword can be added to a dependency to categorize

the different dependencies that exist in a snapshot


dictionary - the resulting snapshot