build_search_key(search_type, code, project_code=None, column='code')

Convenience method to build a search key from its components. A search_key uniquely indentifies a specific sobject. This string that is returned is heavily used as an argument in the API to identify an sobject to operate one

A search key has the form: "prod/shot?project=bar&code=XG001" where search_type = "prod/shot", project_code = "bar" and code = "XG001"


search_type - the unique identifier of a search type: ie prod/asset

code - the unique code of the sobject


project_code - an optional project code. If this is not

included, the project from get_ticket() is added.


string - search key


        search_type = "prod/asset"

        code = "chr001"

        search_key = server.build_search_key(search_type, code)

        e.g. search_key = prod/asset?project=code=chr001

        search_type = "sthpw/login"

        code = "admin"

        search_key = server.build_search_key(search_type, code, column='code')

        e.g. search_key = sthpw/login?code=admin