insert(search_type, data, metadata={}, parent_key=None, info={}, use_id=False, triggers=True)

General insert for creating a new sobject


search_type - the search_type attribute of the sType

data - a dictionary of name/value pairs which will be used to update

the sobject defined by the search_key.

parent_key - set the parent key for this sobject


metadata - a dictionary of values that will be stored in the metadata attribute

if available

info - a dictionary of info to pass to the ApiClientCmd

use_id - use id in the returned search key

triggers - boolean to fire trigger on insert


dictionary - represent the sobject with it’s current data


insert a new asset

        search_type = "prod/asset"

    data = {

            'code': chr001,

            'description': 'Main Character'


    server.insert( search_type, data )

insert a new note with a shot parent

        # get shot key

        shot_key = server.build_search_key(search_type='prod/shot',code='XG001')

        data = {

            'context': 'model',

            'note': 'This is a modelling note',

            'login': server.get_login()


        server.insert( search_type, data, parent_key=shot_key)

insert a note without firing triggers

        search_type = "sthpw/note"

        data = {

            'process': 'roto',

            'context': 'roto',

            'note': 'The keys look good.',

            'project_code': 'art'


        server.insert( search_type, data, triggers=False )