get_all_dependencies(snapshot_code, mode='explicit', type='ref', include_paths=False, include_paths_dict=False, include_files=False, repo_mode='client_repo', show_retired=False):

Retrieve the latest dependent snapshots of the given snapshot


snapshot_code - the unique code of the snapshot


mode - explicit (get version as defined in snapshot)

  • latest

  • current

type - one of ref or input_ref

include_paths - flag to specify whether to include a paths property

containing all of the paths in the dependent snapshots

include_paths_dict - flag to specify whether to include a

paths_dict property containing a dict of all paths in the

dependent snapshots

include_files - includes all of the file objects referenced in the


repo_mode - client_repo, web, lib, relative

show_retired - defaults to False so that it doesn’t show retired dependencies


list - snapshots