get_paths( search_key, context="publish", version=-1, file_type='main', level_key=None, single=False, versionless=False)

Get paths from an sobject


search_key - a unique identifier key representing an sobject


context - context of the snapshot

version - version of the snapshot

file_type - file type defined for the file node in the snapshot

level_key - the unique identifier of the level that this

was checked into

single - If set to True, the first of each path set is returned

versionless - boolean to return the versionless snapshot, which takes a version of -1 (latest) or 0 (current)

process - the process of the snapshot


A dictionary of lists representing various paths. The paths returned

are as follows:

  • client_lib_paths: all the paths to the repository relative to the client

  • lib_paths: all the paths to the repository relative to the server

  • sandbox_paths: all of the paths mapped to the sandbox

  • web: all of the paths relative to the http server