PyCryptodome Update

If your TACTIC installation uses PyCrypto, we reccomend upgrading to PyCryptodome. PyCrypto has been flagged as insecure by the Python Community. Support for PyCryptodome has been added in latest 4.7. You will need

  1. Install PyCryptodome
  2. Update the TACTIC License File

pip Install

If you are you using pip to install, run

Python 3:

python3 -m pip install pycryptodomex

Python 2:

python -m pip install pycryptodomex

dnf Install

If you are using to install, run:

yum install python3-pycryptodomex

Update the TACTIC License

Once you've installed pycryptodome, you will see warnings in your server logs related to the TACTIC license functionality. These should not cause errors, but can you resolve these warnings by replacing the license file, usually found on Linux in,


and on Windows in,


with the updated license file found in,