TACTIC Scalable Configuration Examples

TACTIC and its co-services can be distributed over multiple machines. This can be specific combinations of TACTIC and co-services.

For purposes of instruction and brevity, the configuration examples are not targeted towards particular multiple machine solutions; rather, the configuration examples can be altered to suit the individual environment.

Here are some examples:

  • HTTP server, DB, and TACTIC server

  • HTTP server, HTTP server, DB server, and TACTIC server

  • HTTP server, TACTIC server 1, TACTIC server 2, and DB server,

and so on.

Example Configuration: One Server

Single machine for small scale environment, limited usage

  • all services on one machine

Example Configuration: Two Servers

Two machines to spread workload.

  • HTTP and TACTIC server

  • DB server

Example Configuration: Three Servers

For larger environments where automated usage and heavy reporting usage by users through the GUI.

  • HTTP & DB server

  • TACTIC server 1

  • TACTIC server 2