TACTIC System Administrator Documentation

TACTIC is an ideal framework for workflow automation development:

  • It can be used in diverse server environments including both Windows and UNIX/Linux systems
  • It can use a number of database technologies including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer and SQLite.
  • It can be configured to match your custom asset managements needs
  • It is easy to maintain and scale

Quick Install

To get TACTIC running as quickly as possible, it is best to download the virtual machine and run it under a player such as VMWare Player or VirtualBox. These virtual machines come preconfigured to just run on your computer.

Instruction on setting this up can be found here


This documentation provides instructions for installing and configuring a TACTIC server for production use. Due to the dependencies on a number of other systems (such as a database and a webserver), a full installation of TACTIC for production use can be involved. The documentation below attempts to guide you through the process.

Refer to the following sections for installation,


Refer to the following sections for maintenance,

To get started with using TACTIC, building workflows and defining automation, read the Quick-Start documentation.


A great additional resources for problems that others have encountered, search through the TACTIC Forum. If you cannot find what you need, feel free to register and post any questions or issues you may have.