TACTIC Configuration Checklist


For a proper production deployment of TACTIC, the following configurations must be considered in the context of your business needs:

  • Assets Storage
  • Database
  • Webserver
  • SSL
  • Authentication
  • Webserver for notifications

The Server Configuration section of this documentation provides advanced configuration information for each of these areas. Further, it is recommended that system administrators read the following sections:

  • Scalability: Network architecture examples and load balancing configuration
  • Maintenance: Configuring backups and logging

Location of Configuration File

Most advanced server configuration is done in the TACTIC configuration file. The configuration file is typically found on Linux systems at,


and on Windows systems at,


Southpaw supplies the TACTIC config file as a template on installation. Once installed, this file can be modified to reflect any of the options described in the sections below. You must restart the TACTIC service for changes to take effect.

System Config tool

Most of the parameters can be modified in the UI through Global > System Config as well. If an option tag does not exist in a particular section in your config file, TACTIC will assume a default or it can simply be added in.