Backup and Restore Server

Like any other data producing service, TACTIC requires a backup regimen. The data in that TACTIC produces and manages must be backed up in accordance with the backup policy of the departments that manage the TACTIC service.

This documents outlines details of a proper backup policy and manual steps to carry out a backup. To set up an automated backup, see Maintenance > Automated Backup.

Backup Policy

TACTIC managers should create a backup policy for TACTIC data. A backup policy is extremely important, as data loss within the TACTIC service is catastrophic.

The following components should be backed up as apart of the backup policy:

  1. Assets - Versioned assets are all the files that are checked in and out of the tactic service.

  2. Database - Asset metadata are all the data produced by user interaction with the tactic service.

  3. TACTIC Application

Frequency of backups

The frequency of backup of tactic data depends on the policies of the TACTIC managers. An examination of the frequency of use of the tactic service, combined with the down time potentially required to back up tactic data should be considered.

Backup methods

The only consideration that tactic managers should take into account when creating a backup policy for tactic data is that tactic data produced is synchronized. This is accomplished via a transaction system within tactic. This transaction system relies on co-services to store transacted data. During the backup process, tactic and its co-services should be stopped to prevent any loss of

It is highly recommended that you back up your TACTIC server using a regular schedule. In the event of a hardware failure, you will be able to restore your TACTIC server fully from the latest backup. synchronization to these co-services.


You may want to stop the tactic service while you do your backup process. To do so, run the following commands:

service tactic stop

service tactic start


Versioned assets are all the files that are checked in and out of the tactic service. Typically the tactic service works in conjunction with a co-service such as a network file storage service to accomplish its tasks of asset management. Thus the task of backing up tactic of versioned assets onto these systems usually overlaps with the file management policies of the IT department. Most enterprise class network file storage systems, and third party file backup systems can accomplish the task of backing up tactic assets. Redundant raid storage, snapshots, and offsite backups can all be utilized to accomplish version and asset backups.


The 'assets' directory is the repository where TACTIC stores all of the asset files. By backing up this directory, you can restore all of your asset files in the event of a database crash into a clean TACTIC-managed directory structure.


You may need to contact your TACTIC server administrator if your 'assets' directory has been redirected to another location.


The 'assets' directory on a default Windows install is located by default in:



The 'assets' directory on a default Linux install is located by default in:


Refer to the TACTIC config file to determine exactly where this folder has been configured.


To restore the TACTIC 'assets' directory, you have to restore your backup to the current 'assets' location.


To dump the TACTIC data base you need to log in to the PostgreSQL database and perform a database dump.


For both Linux and Windows the database file is in the 'assets' directory, although you may redirect the location to your backup location. Also, the TACTIC default for the database is to have no password. If you have added a password, you may need to enter it into your postgres commands with the -P tag.

Backup - PostgreSQL


pg_dumpall -U postgres -c > tacticDatabase.sql


pg_dumpall -U postgres -c > tacticDatabase.sql

Restore - PostgreSQL

To restore the TACTIC database run the command:

psql -U postgres < tacticDatabase.sql


This last step, although not completely necessary, is recommended because it takes a snapshot of your TACTIC source code and project settings at the time of backup.. Note that these folders can be different depending on where you installed TACTIC.



The folders to back up are:

TACTIC Source Code: C:\Program Files\southpaw\tactic

TACTIC Configuration and Plugins: C:\Program Files\southpaw\tactic_data


The folders to back up are:

TACTIC Source code: /op/tactic/tactic

TACTIC Configuration and Plugins /opt/tactic/tactic_data

To find out exactly what folders these are for you installation, you can type this in the command line (in both Windows and Linux):

[tactic@localhost tactic]$ python
Python 3.7.7 (default, Jun  4 2020, 15:43:14)
[GCC 9.3.1 20200408 (Red Hat 9.3.1-2)] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import tacticenv
>>> print( tacticenv.get_install_dir() )
>>> print( tacticenv.get_data_dir() )


To restore the TACTIC program files, you have to restore the tactic and tactic_data directories to their original locations.