TACTIC Service Troubleshooting

TACTIC Service Troubleshooting

TACTIC Service Troubleshooting

  1. I get a proxy error in my browser that looks like the following:

    Proxy Error 
    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. 
    The proxy server could not handle the request /POST /tactic/admin/
    Reason: *Error reading from remote server

    This message tells you the TACTIC service has stopped. If you are running other processes on port 80 (for example, Skype), this can cause a problem with the TACTIC service. Stop the conflicting service. Then restart TACTIC in the TSI by logging in as root and running the command:

    service tactic start

  2. What if the TACTIC host memory is full?

    If the memory is full, restarting the TACTIC service will remove this memory. If the problem persists or occurs again, contact Southpaw. A memory leak can occasionally occur when a user is repeatedly viewing a very large table with a huge number of entries (>5000). Restarting the service will clear this memory.

  3. What if the TACTIC host CPU is at 100%?

    Use the Windows Task Manager to kill the process that is taking 100% of the CPU. The TACTIC service will automatically recreate the process. Normally, this will clear the problem.

  4. What if the user sees a Proxy Error?

    This means that the IIS service cannot contact the TACTIC application server. Look in the Windows services and restart the TACTIC service. If the problem persists, contact Southpaw.

Diagnostic Tools

To diagnose issues with TACTIC, several tools can be used.


This command line tool reveals active ports on the local machine.


This command line tool allows port-scanning of an IP address. It can be used to remotely determine if a host is running HTTP.

In the above example, an http service seems to be running on the machine with the IP of

In this example, TACTIC and Apache are running on the same local machine, with TACTIC taking up 2 processes, and 2 ports, 8081, and 8082