Client Computer Setup Requirements

Client Computer Setup Requirements

The following are requirements for a client using TACTIC.

TACTIC Temp Directory Creation

TACTIC needs to be able to create the TACTIC temporary directory. TACTIC uses this directory as scratch pad space to store temporary files.

The location of this directory depends on the client operating system:

  • Linux: /tmp/sthpw

  • Windows: C:/sthpw

  • Mac OS X: /tmp/sthpw

Set environment variables


This environment variable is used to point to the root of asset_base_dir (the directory where assets are stored). This value defaults to "/home/apache/assets" in the TACTIC server. On Windows machines, this path is usually mapped as a letter drive (for example, Z:\) or as a UNC path (for example, \\server\volume\directory\). This environment variable is set by the server on the client machine during loading if it does not already exist.

On a per-project basis, you can set the project setting with the keys "win32_client_repo_dir" and "linux_client_repo_dir" so one project can have its asset directory mapped to Drive Z: and another mapped to Drive T:.

Browser Plugins

TACTIC uses the Java plugin in many cases to communicate with the client computer's operating system. This plugin is mostly used in application integration to pass files through the client web browser to and from the TACTIC server.

To download the latest version of the Java plugin, go to