Install a TACTIC License

Install a TACTIC License

Install License

When TACTIC is accessed through the web browser, if a license file cannot be found, TACTIC will prompted for a license file.

To install a license file, browse for the license file (.xml) provided by Southpaw Technology. Once the file has been selected for upload, click Install License to upload and install the license file.

If the license file is valid, TACTIC will display the message "License renewal completed"

Once this has been completed, TACTIC will no longer prompt for a valid license file.

Renew License

To view information on the total users for the license and how many are active and to update the existing license file, in the sidebar, load Site Admin -> Renew License From here you view the License statistics and update a new license file.

Manual License Install

When the user interface tool is used to upload the license, TACTIC renames the file to tactic-license.xml and places it on the server under


The XML file provided from the TACTIC representative can be renamed. After the rename, place the license on the server according to the structure outlined above and re-browse to tell TACTIC the new license name.