HTTP Co-Service Installation/Configuration

HTTP Co-Service Installation/Configuration

The aim of this document is to be able to configure Apache to proxy TACTIC on a UNIX machine. For Apache on Windows machines, there may be some slight differences in behavior or steps.


  1. User must have sufficient technical knowledge to navigate the OS directories, edit text files, and start/stop services. Knowledge of the target web server is required.

  2. TACTIC must be installed on the host machine. It should be runnable to the point where all diagnostics presume no error in the TACTIC configuration. In the below examples, TACTIC is installed with all default options.

  3. The web server must be installed on the host machine. Since different OS's can have vastly different HTTP service default configurations, configuration files will need to be found by command or appropriate documentation consultation.


The TACTIC host machine should have the following prerequisites

  • A working TACTIC installation

  • An OS capable of running the target HTTP co-service

HTTP server assumptions

The HTTP configuration assumes that the main server is being used to proxy TACTIC requests, without SSL or virtual servers. TACTIC requires that the appropriate modules or 3rd party modules are activated.

TACTIC configuration assumptions

This document assumes that TACTIC has been configured correctly and is functioning as expected. It is assumed that TACTIC is installed with default ports 8081 through 8083. This is the typical default TACTIC configuration.