Drop Item

Drop Item


Facilitates drag-and-drop of an item between 2 views. For example, drag a user from one view and drop it into a user group.



Drop Element Widget

Common Title

Drop Element Widget



TACTIC Version Support

3.0.0 +

Required database columns


For example, in the Shot Planner view, individual assets can be added to a shot by simply dragging the asset from one view and dropping it onto the shot in another view. Once the asset is dropped onto the shot, the asset will appear in the column with a "NEW" flag. Hit the save button in the shot view to preserve the changes.


Accepted Drop Type

The acceptable sType that can be clicked on to be dragged and dropped onto another type. For example, sType is vfx/asset.

Instance Type

For the item that is being dragged, it is the sType that the item can be dropped onto. For example, sType is vfx/asset_in_shot"

Cbjs Drop Action

The call back JavaScript to run each time an item is dropped into the column.

Display Expr

The expression to run to display in view mode. For example "@"

A many-to-many relationship between the 2 types needs to be created in the Schema Editor. By convention, the "join" node that need to be created to connect the 2 types should be named: "<sType1>_in_<sType2> ". For example, for the join node named: "asset_in_shot". The "asset_in_shot" node stores the data representing the relationship between the asset and which shot it appears in.

The view where the item to be dropped onto the Drop Element column of, can exist in a custom layout table or a view opened in a new window within the TACTIC session.


Example 1: implementation of "asset_in_shot', where an asset can be drag and dropped onto a shot:

Example 2: implementation of "user_in_group', where a user can be drag and dropped onto a group: