Download Plugins

Download Plugins

What is a TACTIC Plugin?

A TACTIC plugin is a bundle of files that can be installed to enhance TACTIC’s core functionality. Virtually any TACTIC functionality can be encapsulated in a plugin. A TACTIC plugin is composed of a number of possible elements:

  • manifest.xml: a file describing the contents in the database that belong to the plugin and also some metadata about the plugin

  • media files (images)

  • html, javascript, css files

Plugins Community Site

The Community Site is a central resource to search for plugins. You can find existing plugins to download and use from the plugins section. You can download the .zip file from the information section found to the right of each plugin page. You can also find older versions or previous releases from the downloads tab of each plugin page.

There are many other things you can do at the plugins community site. Before you download a plugin, you can go and check the ratings of the plugin to find out how other users have liked it. You can find documentation to get information about the plugin or help in installing the plugin. After you've used the plugin, you can also go rate the plugin. It might also be helpful if you write a review for the plugin. This can give other users feedback to know how useful the plugin is.

Plugins don't have to be manually downloaded by you to install them. TACTIC has built-in functionality that automatically downloads and installs plugins if you have provided the url to the plugin .zip file. For more info on this and how to install the plugin using this method, look at the next "Install and Activate" section.