Views Quickstart

Views Quickstart

Loading Views

To get started with view, first load a view from the sidebar in your project. Ideally you will have a view with some items available.

If the view is a Table based view (which is the most common), you will notice that there is an arrangement of columns with tools and data.

Inserting and Editing Items

To insert a new item, click the button in the View Shelf

To edit items, click the cells in the table, or right click on an item and choose "Edit".

Gear Menu Options

Selecting items allows for certain actions to become available in the View Gear Menu. For example "Tasks -> Add Tasks to Selected"

View Layouts

To change the layout of the view, click the Layout Switch button. Each view provides different information and tools.

Add/Remove Columns

To Add Columns to the view, click the Column Manager button in the shelf or, right click in the table header and choose "Column Manager"