Interface Map

Interface Map

When you log in to TACTIC from your browser, you will see a window similar to the following image. This section describes some of the important parts of this window.

1 - Header

1a Project Homepage Link The project bar shows the TACTIC logo and release. This link will also direct you back to the project selection page.
1b Project Thumbnail This area shows the name of the project and thumbnail.
1c Project Selection Menu A drop down list to switch between projects.
1d Main Action Menu Main TACTIC Actions menu.
1e User Menu Allows for editing of basic user settings
1f Main Help Link Loads the Built in TACTIC Help (documentation, links etc)

2 - Sidebar

2a Project Views Project Views contains links to different views with information about the project as well as workflow.
2b My Views My views is a collection of views that are custom created by the login user for personal use.
2c My Admin My Admin displays the Tactic system, as well as the project and adminstration schema. Access to this part of the sidebar is generally reserved for admin level users.

3 - Main View Panel

3a Tabs Tactic supports loading multiple tabs, similar to how web browsers handle tabs. Views can be loaded into tabs either automatically or through right-clicking on a link.
3b Simple Search In some views, a simple search will be included. The Simple Search option provides a quick and easy way to search specifically within the current view in use.
3c View Toolbar In some views, there will be tools which are specific to the view. For example, the "Table" view provides an array of tools for interaction with that table.
3d Main Panel The Main Panel is where the actual results of the view are displayed. This can be a table, tile tayout, dashboard etc.