Get started with the world's most powerful open source asset management tool: TACTIC


What is the Difference between TACTIC Team and Enterprise?

TACTIC Enterprise, Team and VMware Image are all part of the EPL Open Source license.  The only difference is that Team is meant for smaller groups and getting started quickly, where as Enterprise  is meant for larger environments with a central database and webserver.


What is the fastest way to get started?

Check out the Quickstart Page


Whats the best way to communicate with other people out there using TACTIC?

The Community forums are a great place to link up with other Tacticians.


How do I get TACTIC Support?

Southpaw Technology is the best TACTIC service and support provider around.


Are there ways to get help on customizing TACTIC?

Please contact Southpaw Technology to discuss custom engineered TACTIC solutions


Where can I get the Open Source EPL License?

The Open source License can be downloaded from the Downloads Page

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