TACTIC 4.4.v02


Client API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • fixed the plugin import bug for widget config project view related entries when there are existing my views
  • changed how HAS_FFMPEG is determined by using ffmpeg rather than ffprobe in File
  • improved Task status trigger setup with "Run a Python Script" in Trigger setup UI.
  • updated docs with updated Workflow Editor, Ingest Tool doc
  • fixed docs in Data Import/ Export Widget
  • added check-in trigger for process code
  • fixed the occasional null element has no setStyle() popup when bringing up columns while the table is still loading
  • made the save button go away if the view is not editable
  • fixed filtering of node types in initial task creation to cover the manual node

New Features

  • added base64 decode to FileUpload if it detects one
  • updated HelpContentWdg
  • modified regex for files without extension
  • modified Exception message, added examples of patterns that can be ingested.
  • added support of ingesting file sequences in Ingest Widget
  • changed RegEx, now search for the numbers right before dot first, if not, use original RegEx. Can also Ingest files without file extensions.
  • made My Preferences view not editable

Database Schema Changes