TACTIC 4.3.v02


Client API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • fixed issue where one can't see the hover-over menu on the widget when DiscussionWdg is used on its own in SObjectDetailWdg
  • the spt.checkin._get_context function defined for applet and html5 upload
  • removed the repeated initialize my.group_values code
  • made Manage Plugin UI draw properly even with z zero byte doc file
  • updated gear menu widget to check per project for the ingest, retire_delete and csv import export rules
  • unified user count in the Project made the expr_filter into a variable
  • changed the Manage Users page to use a ViewPanelWdg for list of users
  • updated HtmlElement.br() to return the br for add_style if count = 1
  • outer div of the action widget spt_reaizable class is removed
  • called set_layout before running expand_table in a table loading
  • removed the return statement for debugging
  • fixed the bug of not displaying file size in CheckinWdg when the input is a string
  • fixed the null transfer mode display
  • fixed a bug where it won't adopt the currently displayed subcontext option if the file has been previously checked in
  • ensured the context_options and subcontext_options are enabled for html5 checkin
  • fixed the checkin_type so it's being passed in properly and added verification in Checkin Command
  • added prevention of latest versionless generated for attached note
  • unify how the file name is treated in DiscussionAddNoteCmd with FileUpload so it will find the file name as is. but still needs to address Commmon.get_filesystem_name() not sanitizing the file name at all in the current version.
  • added another try of finding the menu with the tab content if the parent is not found
  • fixed DiscussionEditWdg and remove redundant code
  • filled in display name as Last, First only if display name is not explicitly defined on insert
  • fixed a bug on double note entry on refresh of note widget in a toggled content window
  • added semicolon in oncomplete js for new project image for stability; for example in the case that this js has to be run as one line this semicolon is necessary
  • set null filter on the expression search if the user chooses Expression "have" and provide an expression that doesn't return any results
  • fixed a my.mode not defined bug in TaskDaysDueElementWdg
  • fixed the bug where adding a column in a toggled table does not work thru Column Manager
  • fixed a bug in Windows where the it tries to use the full time zone name to timestamp value.

New Features

  • improved the look / position of progress bar in Checkin wdg
  • made expand_on_load option default to true in TableLayoutWdg
  • added Group List tab to User and Security button
  • renamed List of Users to User List
  • renamed Groups as Group Assignment
  • made checkin button element default to use_applet = False
  • made DiscussionElementWdg not an editable cell by default
  • adjusted tab look
  • added a bs kwarg to SelectWdg to turn off boostrap
  • UI enhancement for search button in Toolbar
  • defined the on_error alert when async_get_widget times out
  • added support for showing number type exception like 502 Timeout error
  • Modified edit widget to ignore parent-prespecified columns when a parent...
  • Modified edit widget to ignore parent-prespecified columns when a parent_key is present
  • made the Publish Plugin button use PluginCreator instead of the outdated PluginVersionCreator
  • made some slight position adjustment to the Manage Plugin widget
  • warned the user from beginning a version with the V in the version field
  • added search_limit_mode option to ViewPanelWdg ,  TableLayoutWdg , ToolLayoutWdg
  • fixed the background color of the Simple search area so it stays consistent
  • added delay before load of popup so that centering is not calculated before the full content is loaded
  • added closing forward slash for div tag for 2 dashboard views
  • used the +numerical timezone value instead of the non-standard long form 
  • made TopWdg the default so custom url has all the initial js loaded.
  • removed gear and layout switcher from the shelf
  • modified users_in_group view to display the shelves for both tables

Database Schema Changes