TACTIC 4.3.b01


Client API Changes

  • added checkin_type to get_preallocated_path() and  get_virtual_snapshot_path() 

Bug Fixes

  • added verify_checkin_type logic in DirNaming/FileNaming so that if there are conflicts between checkin_type in naming and checkin call, it won't make use of the naming entry
  • fixed the bug where a naming entry with auto checkin_type defined is not used during generating file and directory names
  • updated default file naming convention to include {basefile} in the file name to better support auto checkin_type
  • fixed the drop element area from drawing the the wrong associated objects due to caching issue in Expression
  • fixed the bug in Checkin Wdg when subcontext options is specified. if context option is specified, the Delivery option is disabled.
  • SPTDate.convert_to_local aborts converts to local time if there is an error like the date is before 1970
  • fixed the syncing of transaction when involving unicode chars by compressing the transaction first
  • fixed the sobject_expr property option to use a single call to retrieve the gantt data.
  • ensured if the search is in the main sthpw project, it will rely on the related type to retrieve the schema to determine relationship
  • fixed Redo bug for file operation which should be making using of the ticket of the transaction_log
  • fixed get_timestamp_now() method for MySQL, Sqlite and SQLServer.
  • fixed some row color highlighting issues when selecting and deselecting multiple rows
  • added TableGroupManageWdg for setting up advanced Grouping
  • made grouping work with values containing non-ASCII words
  • group_elements kwarg can be defined directly with ViewPanelWdg (e.g. category,status)
  • modified get_group_bottom_wdg for ExpressionElementWdg and SimpleTableElementWdg to return a tuple
  • fixed the bug of querying cross project sTypes where the 2 projects have different schema setup
  • made Schema cache scope by project code
  • fixed a bug in export matched which exports only the set limit when there is an user set page limit in the page.
  • fixed typo in FileGroup check-in and monitor.py

New Features

  • added support of delete|<sType> client trigger
  • deleting entries is bound by the search_type access rules
  • made it to alert the user the session has expired followed by a redirection to the login page 
  • added python tag feature in plugin
  • added spt.tab.close(el) function to TabWdg
  • made FileUpload use Common.get_filesystem_name which does nothing and allows less stringent name(no modifying of the name as of now)
  • enabled the active_directory handled_groups directive
  • renamed free_copy as copy, free_move as move, and the default is "create" mode for file/directory/group checkin
  • added support of tsvector column in PostgreSQL full text search
  • added GalleryWdg for video playback or image slide shows
  • added support for true copy mode in FlieCheckin , FileGroupCheckin, and directory_checkin
  • added sticky_scale, scale, show_scale, top_view, bottom_view to the ARGS_KEYS for TileLayoutWdg.
  • added better messaging from PythonCmd
  • added csv export feature for DiscussionElementWdg
  • added an allow_email option to DiscussionElementWdg to turn off the Mail To UI option
  • updated Search.add_op_filters() to allow single argument only if it's an op like begin, or, and
  • made the CheckinDirListWdg aware of the use_applet kwarg
  • made the Check in Preview Image menu item run with html5 upload
  • made the Custom Layout column config available in initial load as well as subsequent table refresh
  • made tile layout draggable in a shot planner scenario and added a few attributes to it which already exists in TableLayoutWdg like spt_search_key_v2 and spt_display_value
  • made the tile non-highlightable
  • added spt.table.get_selected_codes()
  • improved the interaction of drag and drop with dashed borders displaying at the drop site
  • used proper parameter for ffmpeg to extract one single frame from a video
  • added error handling for config file parsing in web_wdg.py when trying to check the number of login attempts.
  • added session expiry based on client’s inactivity
  • added security config inactive_ticket_expiry, attribute account_lockout_duration and max_login_attempt
  • the user will be re-enabled after the account_lockout_duration has passed. 
  • made the FormattedElementWdg compatible with Grouping with summary display
  • added search_expr option to SObjectCalendarWdg to specify the initial search as opposed to using search_type and filters
  • disabled the 'edit' option in SecurityWdg for link, project and stype security.
  • added relationship="code" to the connection between project and project_type
  • added functionality to allow @GET to get prev_data and update_data to use to notify users of what has been changed by email. Note: use .__all__ to get all fields updated.
  • added IPTCMetadataParser which uses exiftool to extract info in Linux
  • added check for whether exiftool exists at all before running the rest of the metadata extractor.
  • made IPTCMetadataParser more versatile with extracting information from tags.
  • implemented show_name_hover kwarg to allow tile overlay on hover
  • expand mode is maintained in tile layout widget after a search
  • improved spacing on plugin widget
  • fixed alignment and added more support for multiple sites
  • abstracted the ability to set sites
  • added handling of multiple sites by a single instance of TACTIC.  Currently this is choosing a random site for testing purposes
  • added support for base64 uploads
  • updated alignment of CSV Import and added kwarg show_stype_select
  • updated grouping and alignment work for bootstrap
  • updated formatting of currency
  • added support for bottom group row
  • added layout and drawing support with Bootstrap
  • commented out old table widget
  • added validate_script_path option to html5 checkin bvr in General Check in Widget
  • added small test for changing font size
  • added some default sizes for Task status element
  • added ability to have inline configs defined in the content box
  • fixed shift-click insert on new table layout
  • removed search button from simple search and replace it on the shelf.
  • more updates to handle review widget
  • made wizard headers clickable
  • removed box shadow from no results
  • added support for sticky table header in the Table Layout

Database Schema Changes

  •  added the missing sthpw/custom_script stype to the search_sobject table
  •  added watch folder table with script_path column