TACTIC 4.1.0.v05


Client API Changes

  • added the missing kwargs "values" for API method get_widget

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a typo in FileGroupCheckin
  • updated the upgrade script to fill in the missing sthpw/custom_script sType
  • reverted to using the AND operation whether there is single or multi column defined for keywords search to achieve a more targeted search.
  • added the missing ARGS_KEYS width and size to ActionButtonWdg
  • made the size l for the Export Matched button in CsvExportWdg
  • added 2 widget tests for export_matched and export_displayed
  • rebuilt the trigger dictionary as static trigger count grows to prevent certain added-in-real-time static triggers not being accounted for.
  • updated Simple Search keyword filter to default to run a local keyword mode search on code and description column
  • ensured unselection of rows after delete in DeleteElementWdg
  • ensured search limit is set with a positive value only
  • fixed the bug for DiscussionWdg so that time of entry is displayed as server local time

New Features

  • updated the AD logic for better support with auto-discovering domain

Database Schema Changes