TACTIC 4.1.0.v03


Client API Changes

  • updated the API methods docstring for a bunch of task related calls
  • added client api mappings to get_input_tasks and get_output_tasks in both javascript and python

Bug Fixes

  • added offset and skip_duplicate kwarg to add_initial_tasks() API function
  • fixed a divide by zero bug in the get_completion method in simple_status_attr.py
  • Fixed the issue of the check-box in security widget. Enable to save the changes of access rule when check-box has been checked.
  • added better doc string for FileCheckin descibing different modes
  • added dictionary support in sobject for Expression, e.g. an env_sobject
  • added snapshot env_sobject to be used in notification message like @GET(snapshot.process) where the event is applicable like (checkin|...)
  • made Add Tasks to Selected run asynchronously
  • fixed an issue in expression by unifying the key for expression so there's no mismatch when getting the sobjects and flat cache for an expression
  • skipped setting sthpw/change_timestamp when inserting new sobjects
  • minimized import of Project class in Trigger calling
  • ensured there is no infinite loop when closing toggled content div
  • Fixed the notes sheet error by adding the missing function get_aux_info(my) in TableLayoutWdg.
  • Moved the missing function from table_layout_wdg.py to base_table_layout_wdg.py
  • optimized speed of committing sobjects by turning triggers to none for sobject_log, change_timestamp,  and ticket insert.
  • passed in project code into the retrieval of triggers
  • fixed the bug on the clicking and hiding of toggled content so that not all toggled contents are closed at the same time.
  • turned off order_by with sub query search.
  • updated the WorkHoursElementWdg to use today's date as starting point if days_per_page is less than 7
  • fixed a display issue in bottom row turning yellow on async loading.
  • added days_per_page, unit, day_width, width, and use_straight_time option to WorkHoursElementWdg
  • used the full search_type in the creation of column in Create New Column / Edit Column Definition
  • fixed a typo bug on TextFilterElementWdg
  • fixed the "exists" condition for SelectFilterElementWdg
  • fixed small issue with finding src folder for upgrade on team
  • fixed a bug where a widget within the EditLayoutWdg does not have a HtmlElement based title
  • fixed regular expressions in dashboards to use database agnostic comparisons
  • updated AD module so that user info like first_name, last_name are retrieved from sn and givenName
  • clear the table cache at the end of DropTable command
  • improved catching of plugin creation error
  • made Remove of versioned plugin intalled from zip file working properly
  • check for login only if it's not drawing the login page in HashPanelWdg
  • commented out the setting of chunk_size and chunk_num in BaseTableLayoutWdg to fix a bug where a limit higher than 100 appear to be ignored when saved
  • prevented guest user from seeing admin site
  • fixed a bug in the checkin subcontext select drawing

New Features

  • added support for "is on" in search filter
  • updated StatusLog to use SearchType.create to create a new status log
  • added Search.add_day_filter() expecting a date string for filtering
  • updated add_message to only enable with message_event column set for an sType
  • added prod_setting bid_duration_unit used in add_initial_tasks (minute/hour)
  • updated checkin_context/checkin_type feature in TableLayoutWdg
  • fixed a create New Folder js bug in Manage Side Bar
  • added spt.table.get_search_values()
  • fixed a bug in Async loading of table by passing in the search filter data for each subsequent load. It affects widget like TaskElementWdg 
  • added checkin_context and checkin_type option to ViewPanelWdg and TableLayoutWdg
  • added "is on" to support date for SelectFilterElementWdg
  • added support for triggers mode so that user can choose to turn off triggers during CSV Import
  • made Publish Publish output the contents properly like Export with varying levels of subfolders
  • added support for {process} in naming as a short cut for {snapshot.process}
  • made Html5 Upload work in Hidden Row as well
  • set up the context menu only when it's not running in temp mode.
  • displayed the current user signing out in the log message when accessing the SignOutCmd in the Page Header area.
  • added a better message telling the user that the Ingest Files widget requires a name column for the sType
  • updated Project Essentials > Notes to have a simple keywords search
  • added provision for where password for admin is NULL
  • added unicode_escape kwarg to Sql.quote() to allow SQLServer handling of unicode characters in the format N'value'
  • added a get_cookies function
  • adjusted the position of close button in Tab so that it aligns vertically better
  • updated the get_constraints for Sqlite Impl so that it will ignore a non-existent table
  • updated and simplified ExpressionFilterElementWdg to assume using @SEARCH() expression
  • added assigned_values_expr option to TaskElementWdg
  • changed load_js to be more flexible (enabling external javascript libraries)

Database Schema Changes