Tactic 4.1 in Ubuntu 14.04

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Tactic 4.1 in Ubuntu 14.04

I just want to install Tactic 4.1 in my Ubuntu 14.04 and as apparently there is no specific guide or manual I thought that maybe posting here my experience( based on a old manual for ubuntu server and tactic 3.8) could be useful.
NOTE: I could not install it, you can see the problem at the end.

sudo apt-get install gcc make unzip 
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
sudo apt-get install samba libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev
sudo apt-get install postgresql-9.3 postgresql-server-dev-9.3 
sudo apt-get install apache2
sudo apt-get install python-sql
sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev libpng-dev zlib1g-dev liblcms1-dev python-dev
sudo apt-get install libjpeg-turbo8 libjpeg-turbo8-dev 
sudo apt-get install python-pil python3-pil
sudo apt-get install python-pythonmagick python-psycopg2 python-crypto python-pycryptopp
sudo apt-get install python-simplejson python-lxml

sudo groupadd --gid 48 apache

echo apache:x:48:48:Apache:/home/apache:/bin/bash >> /etc/passwd
sudo passwd apache
[The command ask for a new pasword for apache, type it]
sudo visudo
[type the next line "around there"]
apache ALL=(ALL) ALL
sudo mkdir /home/apache
sudo chown apache:apache /home/apache
sudo chmod a+rx /home/apache
echo '<META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/tactic">' >> /var/www/index.htm
sudo mkdir /var/www/html
sudo cp /var/www/index.htm /var/www/html/
Now, Loging as apache, introducng your new password
cd /home/apache
mkdir install_packages
cd install_packages
unzip  TACTIC-4.1.0.v04.zip
cd TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/ 
as root:
sudo cp service/tactic /etc/init.d
sudo chmod 775 /etc/init.d/tactic
sudo cp /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf--ORIG
sudo cp /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/postgresql/pg_hba.conf /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/
sudo chown postgres:postgres /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf
sudo chown postgres:postgres /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf--ORIG
sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql restart
*** sudo cp /home/apache/install_packages/tactic-3.8.0.rc02/src/install/apache/tactic.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/
I'm stuck here. In ubuntu 14.04 Apache2 has no conf.d folder. IT only has conf-available and conf-enabled folders. 
Trying this:
sudo cp /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/apache/tactic.conf /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/
sudo a2enmod proxy_http
*** omitted, because it was preventing apache to start: sudo a2enmod proxy_balancer
sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo service apache2 restart
sudo chmod 777 /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/data/tactic_paths.py 
sudo vi /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/data/tactic_paths.py 
Add the following lines:
sudo cp /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/data/*.py /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tacticenv/
sudo chmod a+r /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tacticenv/*.py
cd /home/apache/install_packages/TACTIC-4.1.0.v04/src/install/ 
sudo python2.7 install.py
sudo ch own -R apache:apache /home/apache/tactic /home/apache/tactic_*
sudo chown -R apache:apache /home/apache/assets /home/apache/tactic_data
sudo cp /home/apache/tactic/src/install/start/config/tactic-license.xml /home/apache/tactic_data/config/
 Test to make sure TACTIC server is able to run ...
python /home/apache/tactic/src/bin/startup_dev.py
Check that Tactic is runing in with a browser.
Launch Tactic on boot:
sudo update-rc.d tactic defaults


X-jo (not verified)

Hi, did you get to install TACTIC ? 

btw ,
Ubuntu 14.04 ships with Apache 2.4, which is a significant upgrade over Apache 2.2 as found in 12.04.
The packaging has been overhauled quite significantly. /etc/apache2/conf.d/ is now /etc/apache2/conf-available/ and/etc/apache2/conf-enabled/, to match the existing sites-enabled/ and mods-enabled/ mechanisms.
Source - http://www.justgohome.co.uk/blog/2014/04/new-in-14-04-apache.html


Hi X-jo
Yes i did. But i did have not time to check it extensively.
And yes, apache has changed. Probably because of that the balance module is not working. But Tactic works though.

I'll post here when I can do more tests.

danielbair's picture

This got the apache balance module working for me on ubuntu 14.04:
sudo a2enmod lbmethod_byrequests
sudo a2enmod proxy_balancer
sudo a2enmod proxy_http
sudo a2enmod rewrite
Then you need to uncomment in tactic.conf two apache 2.4 config lines that say 'Require all granted'
Also, I have created some install scripts for Tactic 4.1.0.v05 on ubuntu 14.04 that you can download here.
Unzip the file and then execute with "bash tactic_ubuntu_install.sh" and it should work.
I have tested these scripts on a fresh ubuntu 14.04 install. They should work on 14.10 also.



Daniel Bair, Director, All-Asia Studio



Hi Daniel,
Those scripts look super convenient. I will give them a try soon. ;)
And if the problem arises again I will try that configuration for the balance module.


I have tried the scripts with Ubuntu 15.04 and the latest beta (Tactic4.3.0.v02) and it works fine.
The package libcms1-dev is not there, and libpng is substituted with libpng12.
Apart of that, the rest is working.