TACTIC 4.0.0.v03


Client API Changes

  • updated API method query_snapshots() to better support single=True
  • updated API method get_snapshot() to better support sobject without a code column or value

Bug Fixes

  • updated and simplified ExpressionFilterElementWdg to assume using @SEARCH() expression
  • fixed a bug in the checkin subcontext select drawing.
  • commented out the setting of chunk_size and chunk_num in BaseTableLayoutWdg to fix a bug where a limit higher than 100 appear to be ignored when saved
  • added assigned_values_expr to TaskElementWdg.
  • updated transaction logging so it can handle checking in of non-ASCII file name
  • ensured @GET and @GETALL expressions are cached with different keys
  • renamed the key to tmp_key for a variable used in evaluation palette
  • updated SearchKey.get_by_search_keys() to support keep_order kwarg
  • removed the unnecessary use of str() for code in Snapshot.get_by_sobjects()
  • made complex expression in Expression Element exportable thru CSV
  • updated upgrade script for file_name in file table for MySQL
  • fully implemented the show_context_menu option for Table Layout and Table Layout with Search
  • prevented eval error in query API method
  • updated ExpressionElementWdg to better handle expression error
  • fixed condition when label is empty
  • fix for when datetime is empty for sobjects and it is trying to convert timezone
  • converted ExpressionElementWdg to server local time
  • edited process_value for SQLServerImpl so that the string related manipulation is only run when it's a string
  • added process=* pipeline=* to HI MED and LOW access level so that task security work accordingly in TaskElementWdg and TaskStatusSelectWdg
  • added handling of an integer number column being a long number in Search.add_relationship_filters()
  • added more latest_versionless test and current_versionless tests to checkin_test.py
  • updated the SQLServer process_value for timestamp so that it would handle datetime object properly
  • fixed a bug in Check in New File context menu by passing in the auto checkin_type and upload/uploaded mode properly
  • updated importing of PIL
  • added import of PIL in the old and new way so it works in different python on different OS
  • better handling of icon generation failure during project creation
  • fixed a bug by remembering the initial editablility state when switching between different widgets in Edit Column Definition. It only affects the case when switching from an editable type like Formatted to Expression widget.
  • let RawTableElementWdg create a column of the same name by default
  • Edited security_type to set pre-checked box based on the Security Access Levels chart.
  • fixed the bug in Create New Column where the Enable Edit checkbox is disabled if the user hasn't selected any Widget type.
  • fixed the PythonCmd reporting if a script doesn't exist
  • with the sqlserver_timestamp type, a disabled TextWdg is returned for editing.
  • added a SQL compliant way of stating a portion of where condition return empty result set.
  • filtered out timestamp as sqlserver_timestamp for SQLServerImpl
  • added Snapshot.set_booleans() so that is_latest and is_current are set in the update phase of snapshot creation during a check-in
  • improved efficiency of SnapshotIsLatestTrigger by running update_versionless only in update
  • updated Naming to account for not having a file object
  • improved the initialization of Script Editor and set the initial theme to Twilight
  • sthpw_upgrade.py: sinqle quoted to path to allow script to be found on Windows machine even with forward slashes
  • made sure any columns named "timestamp" are double quoted (and leave any column types named timestamp un-quoted)
  • deleted config_upgrade_SQLServer.py and sthpw_upgrade_SQLServer.py files
  • added condition for Sqlite when deleting a project so it won't check it if it still exists since on checking
  • it will create an empty database again.
  • fixed Sqlite implementation of process_value of timestamp column type to fix the bug in insert with auto CURRENT_TIMESTAMP value
  • fixed the bug of Sqlite implementation of nullable by properly detecting the NOT NULL constraint and avoided error messages when inserting new items
  • added screenshot of sameple_02 theme in Project Creation Wizard
  • fixed a bug in Create Project Wizard in the Theme selection UI for Tactic TEAM
  • added C:/ProgramData/Tactic/data/assets as win_32_client_repo entry value.
  • edited Quick Select Directory behavior's is_sandbox to be false in checkin_wdy.
  • fixed provision when my.order_element is NULL
  • added option Quick select file, quick select directory and quick select in folder menu.
  • fixed the issue that function browse_folder always set select_dir = True.
  • fixed a bug in Task Security where it was not removing the task security entries defined in earlier version
  • fixed a bug in Task or Process Security where a user could potentially create a duplicated entry when the user
  • unchecks and checks the same checkbox before saving
  • added the feature so any element in a simple search view can be set to invisible with view='false'
  • corrected config_test, system_test and transaction_test
  • Gear menu -> Print -> (all 3) print options, opens a new page to respect the addresss port
  • turned & into & for HashPanelWdg
  • updated ReplaceWithValueExpressionFilterElementWdg and TaskConnectFilterElementWdg with last_modified_days option
  • caught the error properly in ExpressionElementWdg on the get_display level to avoid error during calculation of the bottom widget
  • made the @SUM operation not throw an error when a column does not exist
  • fixed the metadata parsing with improved ImageMagicParser that account for empty lines and special symbols


New Features

  • added "class" kwarg to SelectWdg
  • added @GETALL to the tactic expression language which doesn't try to eliminate duplicated sobjects when traversing through hierarchy
  • updated the conf file for sthpw/login with added department and password re-enter column
  • selected the FFMPEG parser for movie type file
  • added utility script to run sql_convert for all supported database types


Database Schema Changes

  • added the SQL Server specific upgrade statement
  • added columns named id_column varchar(256) and default_layout varchar(32) to bootstrap_schema.sql for all database types