TACTIC 4.0.0.v02


Client API Changes


Bug Fixes

  • fixed the issue of having a premature trigger firing with versionless snapshot in Windows server file check-in
  • improved display of Check-in history tab  in the Full Check-in Widget
  • added handling of the case when the parent of a task cannot be located when clicking on Work on Task button
  • handled failed icon generation better to let a file check-in to go through
  • updated the import statement in metadata retrieval to import PIL properly even in newer Linux OS.
  • fixed the bug where an & appearing in the file name will prevent the CheckinWdg from drawing properly due to it being an illegal character in xmlrpc. The user is alerted to rename their files.
  • fixed a bug in adding bid_duration to task when the number is interpreted as a string instead of number.


New Features

  • improved java applet interaction and suppressed the frequent pop-ups asking for confirmation
  • better error handling of  metadata retrieval, better support of unicode characters in eval and query used in Custom Layout
  • added docx and xlsx to the list of file extensions that skip icon generation
  • used parent as the object to get the file path in SObjectDirListWdg when the stype is sthpw/task and sthpw/notes
  • edited task-configuration file to use default as pipeline-code setting.
  • hid pipeline_code and status attribute in Insert popup of task


Database Schema Changes