TACTIC 4.0.0.v01


Client API Changes


Bug Fixes

  • updated the HelpWdg to show the Create button when no built-in doc exists
  • fixed a bug in SObjectDirListWdg when a pipeline is not found
  • fixed a typo error in dashboard-conf.xml
  • changed add_base_dir_behaviors and add_base_dir_behaviors to use repo_dir when requests are coming from server
  • fixed the ad authenticate script to support variation of the active directory object
  • updated MySQL server specific upgrade script for sthpw to support drop NOT NULL
  • fixed the bug for setting an element to non editable when the element xml does not exist yet
  • fixed the display issue in task security widget.
  • fixed a bug when ALL is selected in Task Security
  • by using load event to set the message in notification trigger, HTML text message is now displayed properly
  • improved the DialogWdg so that dialog that otherwise appear offscreen will move back in place horizontally only. (as seen in Notes Widget)
  • made the triangle pointer follow properly even at different zoom levels
  • ensured the Attach Flies in DiscussionWdg work with multiple Note/Attach files entries without refreshing the page.
  • deleted the duplicated email message encryption section when sending out email notification
  • Fixed the issue that "Email test" button sends the disorder message when clicks it in Notification section.
  • updated DiscussionWdg to use Html5 upload for attachment. made use of multiple kwarg in UploadButtonWdg
  • added 'mail_sender_disabled' option in System Configuration > mail server section.
  • changed the browser button in SimpleUploadWdg to use html5.
  • fixed the display issue in Notification. Edited filter to use whether the search_type or event's search_type.
  • fixed the bootstrap_load to use sthpw as the targeted upgrade project during TACTIC installation for mysql and sqlserver
  • fixed the bug that cannot save system configuration(linux_server_dir and win32_server_dir) after clicking 'save' button.
  • fixed a bug in js API checkout where it ignores the context
  • fixed a bug in Schema.get_related_search_types() where direction is not used for parent and sthpw schema

New Features

  • added new docs and updated alias file
  • updated the windows config file to include sudo_no_password
  • fixed up sql_test.py and added SearchType.clear_column_cache method
  • improved keywords search handling of | and & in the search string
  • improved SObjectDirListWdg Download button's feedback to user
  • made unique constraint to have a constraint name with a _unique suffix during creation thru Edit Column Definition and CreateTable command
  • used json encoded filename for HTML5 upload
  • used HTML5 to upload preview image in Project Creation
  • used subprocess.call instead of os.system(cmd) to process pdf file icon.
  • added the missing relevant option back into LookAheadTextInputWdg
  • updated the ColumnAlterCmd to use a UNIQUE constraint instead of UNIQUE index
  • added checking conditions for backward comaptibilty in ProcessSecurityWdg and SecurityBuilder remove_process.
  • added support for more pipeline based task status security for TaskElementWdg
  • added project as a variable available to the script_path for naming
  • added access_rules_hidden to the Group List tab
  • added support for all processes checkbox and the pipeline attribute in Task Security so that task status with the same name for different pipeline can be turned on and off individually.
  • added spt.table.set_data()
  • added spt.table.set_changed_color() to FastTableLayoutWdg
  • added get_parent_view() to BaseTableElementWdg
  • added get_view() to BaseTableLayoutWdg
  • widened the input text field in the System Config page
  • added tmp_dir in 'Install' section in the System Config page
  • made checkout js API call return the paths it checks out
  • edited naming validate function to deal with 'empty' sandbox_dir and dir_naming
  • used html5 instead of java to upload the project_image file when creating a new project


Database Schema Changes