TACTIC 4.0.0.rc02


Client API Changes

  • added set_config_definition to Python API
  • added "uploaded" mode in Python API simple_checkin as an accepted mode.

Bug Fixes

  • added locale function to decode date in SimpleElementWdg.
  • renamed Plugin Widgets as Custom Layout Columns in Column Manager
  • fixed a bug in Snapshot.create where it will set the version to 1 even if only a Versionless -1 snapshot is left in the db
  • fixed a bug in Sqlite handling of NULL value as 'NULL', it should be unquoted.
  • updated Task Security wording and added a TaskSecurityCbk to not use project code in the saving of the task status access rules xml
  • made sorting of a timestamp column to adopt the same simplified time format as if he chooses group by week / month
  • fixed a bug in Security data saving where it would save duplicated data
  • added functionality to delete the forward slash in checkin_wdg.py  
  • updated read_cookie method to use pure javacript method
  • Added naming validation for sandbox_dir_naming. Deleted all the forward slash at the end.
  • fixed the case when Editing an existing trigger to send a notification
  • added a read_cookie function to spt.environment
  • added check for app_busy message block before showing or hiding
  • added extra protection for non JSON decodable string into FilterData when drawing SearchWdg
  • updated trigger wdg UI to dynamically update the Action area when a new Event is chosen
  • only added the pre-generated script when the event is "A task status is changed"
  • made tab drag setup select the tab right away
  • fixed the TabWdg requiring clicking twice the first time in places like Edit Column Definition or Plugin Manager, by setting allow_drag to False
  • updated Manage Search Type view to make use of BaseSectionWdg
  • when modifying column data type, the definition xml will be updated as well
  • fixed the broken button in the create column for Schema view so it will open the Project Schema now. 
  • removed the saving of entries into the deprecated prod/custom_property
  • fixed General CheckinWdg UI occasional class import errors by removing GearMenuWdg and importing it from tactic.ui.container.
  • changed location of GearMenuWdg, Menu and MenuItem in remaining scripts to correct import error for GearMenuWdg, Menu and MenuItem
  • made PythonTrigger work well in same process, different transaction
  • edited search.py to handle separated string when '@ORDER_BY' function is called. 
  • fixed a bug where "Files are checked in" event  is incorrectly saved as __custom__ in pipeline mode 
  • prevented checkin event trigger from saving anything to the search_type attribute of a server trigger
  • fixed button widget so that you can use it in a custom layout
  • prevented adding extra behavior to Process Select when drawn in a EditWdg for insert of a task

New Features

  • added empty option to DatabaseAction to simulate the deprecated NonEmptyAction
  • simplified the order_by logic a little in BaseTableLayoutWdg
  • made it backward-compatible in case people set the order_by value to "true" in ExpressionElementWdg
  • made local expression like @GET(.code) work for ordering in ExpressionElementWdg
  • let search_limit show even if expression option is used in FastTableLayoutWdg
  • improved Plugin Install to handle unique attribute for widget config, naming and url properly
  • fixed the HAS_IMAGEMAGICK error during check-in
  • made CheckinMetadataHandler work better with int or float value from PIL metadata parser
  • modified dashboard-conf.xml, shows the 'Tasks' in dashboard's tab top instead of admin site view. 
  • removed help button on presentation layer when engine not present
  • added support for multiple uploads in one http request
  • adjusted the CheckboxWdg alignment so that the label is vertically aligned center, which should affect it in pages like Configuration page 
  • Add default codes before the script when user choose 'Run python code' where event is 'A task is changed'
  • Modified the trigger action when the Event is 'A task is changed'. Saved the user's choice. 
  • added context menu on side bar manager.
  • added a new Card Layout to layout switcher
  • added ability to add a keyword search on the view panel wdg shelf
  • added show_keyword_search display option to ViewPanelWdg
  • added kwargs as a keywod argument top PythonCmd 
  • hid the unittest and sample3d plugins in Plugin Manager
  • added MIN access level between LOW and NONE that has access to all search_types
  • handled API methopd eval(@GET(.attribute)) better for non-ASCII characters
  • renamed the kwargs tab to Options in Custom Layout Editor
  • added Display Name of users in Configuration page
  • updated Security for the support of MIN
  • updated note and task creation to set the project code after the sobject instead of the current project
  • added update_row|<search_type> event when an item is edited   
  • optimized FastTableLayoutWdg by skipping the setup of client triggers when in temp mode
  • retained the function to set the table on refresh of a table with the refresh button. That indirectly help widgets that rely on the current table like Work hours widget to work properly
  • added the extra task status changed prepended script only if such event is choosen
  • Hided the publish process in checkin_wdg when it is not explicitly defined in a pipeline. Added my.autogeneration to fulfill the boolean function
  • Added new test examples to test the 'Orderby' function in search.py.
  • made Pipeline creation go thru SearchType.create
  • updated add_initial_tasks to add the numeric suffix properly
  • updated unittest plugin with a person pipeline
  • added Task Security UI for managing Task Status visibility 
  • removed the animation for spt.info()
  • Added naming validation for sandbox_dir_naming dir_naming. Deleted all the forward slash at the end.
  • added show_keyword_search to the display option for FastTableLayoutWdg
  • added min to access level which allows access to all sTypes but not all processes
  • added get_default_processes to Task
  • removed using the [ ] around table in the main UPDATE and INSERT statement for SQLServer
  • updated TaskElementWdg to display the allowed statuses properly according to access rules


Database Schema Changes

  • updated sthpw/schema for all database types
  • added code column to debug_log and sobject_log