TACTIC 3.8.0.v06



Note: Set your database port number to 5432 for Postgres Installation if you have left it empty. You can do so in Global > System Config.

Client API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • improved RelatedTaskUpdateTrigger to avoid possible recursion
  • made side bar cache delete trigger cover more extensively when side bar related widget config are changed
  • added default value for port if none is specified with the -p option
  • updated the built-in widget summary to work with any sobject including the project sobjects.
  • fixed the sType creation error bug where the user typed in an sType that has thesame name as in internally built-in sType and it attempts to strip out columns that it doesn't actually contain
  • better integrated a custom port number during project creation and other database operation
  • improved the remap_sobjects method in FastTableLayoutWdg in case there is deleted sobjects
  • fixed the bug in GanttElementWdg for non-existent pipeline when getting color info
  • fixed the SObject List page error when the sobject/sType  it refers to no longer exists
  • clear the last searched data for SObject List for the Project Start page
  • fixed the Create new Link saving over last clicked link bug in Manage Side Bar
  • made the interval tasks close the db connection after the caching work is finished. This should resolve the issue of database connection growing over time.
  • fixed the bug where a template project with a code ending with the word "template" won't work
  • simplified new template zip file name by eliminating the template suffix, backward compatible 
  • fixed the Update Template buttons  in Template Project tab where only the first one is activated.
  • fixed the FF15 or 16 bug that saves unrelated item, causing junk item in schema or pipeline

New Features

  • added confirm dialog when the user tries to create sthpw/.. sType
  • made it possible to create and delete sthpw/... sTypes with warning suggesting that the user should create a multiple project sType in another namespace 
  • prevented deleting of built-in sthpw sTypes
  • added -p to specify PostgreSQL database port number in install.py 

Database Schema Changes