TACTIC 3.8.0.v04



Client API Changes

  • updated JS Client API build_search_key to build search key for sthpw/* sType to be in line with the same method in Python Client API

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a bug in redo with timestamp attribute in TACTIC TEAM
  • made Chart items/Selected work with Fast Table  
  • made Fast Table the default layout for hidden row 
  • made Formatted elemnet export properly according to the specified format
  • made Table layout aware of drawn widgets so that relay behavior would run properly even if it is drawn more than once in a table
  • updated Table drawing of expression to not show search limit and just draw all the results so that it can accomodate multiple sTypes in a table
  • fixed javascript bugs with retiring items in Fast Table Layout 
  • fixed a bug in Element Definition UI where extra display options saved thru XML mode is not retained when re-saved in Form mode  
  • fixed potential decode error in Expression used in StringMode as used in SObjectCalendarWdg in My Activity
  • made checkbox for deleting login unchecked by default in the Delete UI
  • updated MilestoneCompletionWdg to suppress error
  • updated XmlWdg to display long compressed transaction
  • updated upload logic in Java applet to display the error in a popup
  • made the Email Test button work properly with task and note events
  • made System Info page compatible with older versions of Python like 2.5 that does not multiprocessing module
  • updated performance test to work with a unknown CPU count, which defaults to 1
  • suppressed sType not registered error on the ui levels
  • updated UploadAction to always process icons at the upload area only
  • made UploadServer code to stop creating icons automatically
  • fixed a bug for gantt wdg range data with more than 1 property in the property list
  • fixed a bug in Task Edit popup in Task status edit
  • added color support when the user is using basic start_date_col and end_date_col attributes
  • fixed the javascript error with the print functions in the gear menu.
  • made Group page use the new hidden row widget for the access_rules_hidden column
  • ensured System Config page process restarting works in Windows

New Features

  •  added a print statement to see the actual error in the Java console.
  •  updated NamingUtil.eval_template() to use TEL if the pattern is applicable
  •  made the default value of basic input take an expression-driven value like {$LOGIN} and {$TODAY}
  •  added default as a display option in the Element Definition UI of SelectWdg and CalendarInputWdg
  •  updated upload_file function in applet to have popup feedback should an upload fails
  •  fixed the install script to use TACTIC_DATA_DIR environment variable to save admin the extra step to migrate to it
  •  alert script errors if any during the page draw when using the Test button in Custom Layout Editor

Database Schema Changes

  • added code to login_in_group table