TACTIC 3.8.0.v03


Client API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • fixed a typo in icon path of SEARCH_TYPE_32
  • fixed in bug in overview dashboard custom layout
  • made a distinction between project tasks and project level tasks.
  • renamed item tasks as project tasks in Overview Dashboard
  • added project level tasks to predefined view in Manage Side Bar (not in Project Essentials)
  • printed Syntax Error for behavior tag during drawing of Custom Layout Widget
  • ensured html source is properly displayed in Custom Layout Editor
  • fixed a bug in Note widget where there is an assumption that if an sObject has process attr, it must have context.
  • updated the XMLParser to use strip_cdata as the default
  • updated Custom Layout Editor with a context.write usage example
  • prevented Check-in widget adopting a strict checkin type by accident when there is an preexisting snapshot when subcontext options is empty
  • stripped whitespaces when evaluating context/subcontext options
  • added a few warning messages for some commonly mistyped context or subcontext options
  • simplified the ordering logic in Table drawing
  • fixed small global variable syntax warning.
  • removed CDATA tags before mako processing
  • fixed a stacktrace found in windows server due to windows returns a directory name with a trailing / with os.path.dirname()
  • made the icon display a DELETE sign if a file is missing from the server in File Browser


New Features

  • removed the still-blank Client Dashboard
  • changed the subtabs of Overview Dashboard to use FastTableLayoutWdg as opposed to ViewPanelWdg
  • added code example for Styles in Custom Layout Editor to prevent people adding <style> tag in that section


Database Schema Changes