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site wide pipeline

hi m using tactic 4.5.0.v01 on ubuntu 14.04
i dont know if its a bug or what , in the project workflow , m not able to create a site wide workflow,it shows its disabled , and to use the gear menu , but there is no sitewide workflow in it,any idea as how to create a site wide workflow



What converts a Pipeline into Site Wide and what's exactly for? I´ve been trying to find information about it but none of the PDFs seems to explain them. If all my projects share the same Pipelines, would this be an answer to avoid having each of the pipelines duplicated in each project?

In 4.5 I could open Wide Site Pipelines, and created one inside, but it appeared as a regular Pipeline.
Tried saving from Disk Icon as Save as Site Wide Workflow but had this message: This feature is disabled. Saving project-specific Workflow using the disk button is preferred.



yes if u check the previous versions u can save a pipeline and task pipeline as a site wide pipeline and it would show in all the projects, there is a workaround for this , go to "project essentials" in your side bar in that pipelines and then change the project code to select , and it should show up in the site wide pipeline, how ever if u alter the pipeline u will have to change it again in the project essentials


Not complete sure about the reason for disabling saving a site wide pipeline.  rigatron is correct that the only real difference between a site-wide pipeline and and project specific pipeline is that the project_code column is empty.

The problem with site wide pipelines is that alteriing their definitoin changes the definition of the pipelines site wide (as the name suggests) ... even projects that are completed.  It made it difficult to customize a pipeline per project and very often site-wide pipelines just became customized to each project, especially as the capabilities of the pipeline became ever more complex with automation and other nodes.

With plugins, you can load predefined plugin definitions that are project specific and alter if needed.  If the definition changes then you could repload the plugins only on the projects that needed it.  This turned out to be a more powerful solution because you could use Git or similar to version control your plugins.