Solved: problems with get ticket [aws]

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Solved: problems with get ticket [aws]

Hello everybody,
    so I was attempting to setup tactic so that all the transactions could be handled inside the content tools. we switch users often and some of the machines are intended for general use. so I query the user on program start to provide their login details. but I when I try to run tactic in this manner the script fails to evaluate when I try to get_ticket()
ticket = server.get_ticket(login, password)
this is the error I get in maya
# Error: line 1: Fault: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\bin\\ line 799: <Fault 1: 'get_ticket() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)'> #
I knew I had this working a little while ago. but perhaps now I'm missing something.

This does actually work if I run it on a local server that plays through the vm.  the problem comes in when I switch the server to the ec2 cloud instance that is running. so works great locally. I can get the ticket and everything is fine
but python throws the error if I try to do this with the cloud server. 

 the problem was actually with versioning. the local vm server was versioned at 4.5 along with the client api which is why it worked fine. the cloud ec2 instance that is online is versioned at 4.3 changing to the 4.3 client api made everything work fine. Thanks for checking the post. 


it also serves the same error if I try to instantiate the server like this

server = TacticServerStub( server=server_IP,project='world', user=login, password=password)